Top 5 Factors to Check from a Locksmith for Safety and Security

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In most cases, the times that we may require services from locksmiths include emergencies such as burglary break-ins, lockouts, key misplacements among other reasons. Such situations often make us feel vulnerable to security and we all deserve professional locksmiths for the jobs. Sometimes moving into a new house may also be a reason enough to change locks for security reasons. This will allow upgrade of security by alarm installations and CCTV machines especially if the neighbourhood is not as safe or for whatever personal reasons. Whichever the case that may make you need the services of a locksmith, here are the 5 basic factors to check from them for safety and security;

  1. Proof of certification

There have been countless times where reports have been filed of thefts posing as locksmiths with fake documentation and stealing from people. Hiring a locksmith to deal with your locks and keys means that you are literally laying off your security to them. This can be taken advantage of especially if the locksmith’s intentions are not good. It is always safe to ask and confirm the verification certificates and identification cards prior to anything. If there is any shred of doubt it is even safer to call the company and confirm if the locksmith at your service is sent by them or not.

  1. Check that only the requested service is rendered

Expect only the requested services to be done and not extra. For example, if you need help with replacements of your keys that should be it. If the locksmiths go the extra mile and cut your keys for replacement without being requested should definitely raise eyebrows. Immediately report such instances to the company or relevant security personnel and save situations and possibilities of break-ins.

  1. Check for the provision of insurance and bond cover  

Even locksmiths are bound to error as they are humans. Things may go wrong when they are working and this may result in damages being caused. Someone has to be responsible for the repairs and this should be the locksmith or the company that you hired. Insurances act as covers for the professional locksmiths for instances of such situations and risk.

  1. Check for original copies and keep them safe

In case anything goes wrong or just for your personal documentation purpose, it is always advisable to ask and check for original copies from the locksmiths. Professional locksmiths know that you are entitled to your copies and if that does not happen, make sure that you are requesting for them. Check for original stamps and companies logo on all the documents to reduce the risk of being presented with wrong or fake documents that may hold no water as proof for claims, complains or follow-ups if the need arises.

  1. Check and confirm the billing details before payment

The billing process is the most crucial part when dealing with locksmiths. If you are paying cash, ask for a detailed list of how the billing procedures were settled. In cases of paying via cards, always keep your personal PINs safe and to yourself. It is always safe to confirm the prices for the specific services prior for certainty when it comes to the billing process.

The above factors should act as guidelines for what to check for from locksmiths for safety reasons. A person’s Instincts and intuitions may also give alerts on whether to trust a locksmith even with all the certifications and proof or not. Such rare cases should not be disputed or ignored at all. Always have company from your friends or family or trusted neighbours when a locksmith is helping you out.


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