Broken Key stuck in lock

Have you ever come across the peculiar situation where your car or home key got stuck in the lock while trying to lock or unlock it? In such cases, most of us will try to forcefully pull the key out of the lock in a jiffy. A horrifying consequence can be that a part of the key may get stuck in the lock itself! What could be the possible resolution in this scenario? Obviously one would be locked out of the door. But, in order to extract the broken key from the keyhole and to get a spare key, one must contact a professional locksmith agency, like Aabacus Locksmiths as soon as possible.

Aabacus locksmith service providers employ trained and/or experienced professionals who are very knowledgeable on extracting broken keys from the keyholes. They do this process with supporting machinery and make sure that the lock does not get damaged in this process. After removing the broken key, the technician estimates the requirement for a duplicate key from the client. If client needs a duplicate key then the service can be provided by Aabacus.

Aabacus locksmith  works round the clock. They are just a phone call away from you. Whenever you are in such emergency situations, just dial their phone number and a skilled technician or a team will be sent for your service. It is always advised that you not to mess up your locks by trying amateur methods to extract broken keys. When you have Aabacus locksmith agencies by your side, why do you need to do the work yourself anyway


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