How To Make A Key On A Key Cutter

One of the easiest ways to never get locked out of your home or vehicle is to have a set of spare keys. Leaving the spares with a trusted neighbour or a family member allows the peace of mind that your property can still be accessed if you lose or misplace your keys. If a Read more about How To Make A Key On A Key Cutter[…]

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Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Locks

The safety that electronic locks offer extends from the safety of the general public to the safety of private property. These locks are like all electronics and serve a vast range of needs. Everything from residential to the highest of government security have been addressed with electronic locks. All of the best safe manufacturers sell Read more about Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Locks[…]

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Consider Lock Picking As A Hobby

The art of lock picking is no longer a skill used exclusively by the dregs of society. In fact, most criminals have given up on lock picking altogether. In the absence of criminality, an amazing hobby has taken hold. I know a lot of people think that it is illegal to own lock picks. And Read more about Consider Lock Picking As A Hobby[…]

Prevent Lock Bumping

Lock bumping or the “999 Method” is the latest criminal craze to hit the streets. Crimes of this nature have been highlighted all over the news these days. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you should be aware of what it is, and how to prevent it from happening to your home or office. Read more about Prevent Lock Bumping[…]

Protect Your Belongings At The Gym

Gym security is a major issue these days. There are many stories of gyms being targeted by individuals and criminal enterprises. You need to be able to protect your belongings from the types of thieves targeting gym members. It is important to understand how these types of crimes happen, and the types of policies in Read more about Protect Your Belongings At The Gym[…]

Why All Locks Can Be Picked

As the locksport and security communities investigate each device, there is sure to be a weakness discovered for every single one. But why is this the case? Why is it that there is no such thing as an unpickable lock? What makes these inventions so prone to failure? We will go on a journey through Read more about Why All Locks Can Be Picked[…]

Make Sure Your Kids understand Your Home Security

The home is the centrepiece of many families. It is one of the few places where everyone can feel close and unified. It is a fiscal investment just as much as it is a sentimental one and many homeowners want to keep their homes as safe as possible. When it comes to home safety, diligent Read more about Make Sure Your Kids understand Your Home Security[…]

4 Facts that will blow your mind about Locksmiths

The locksmithing is an industry that comes under intense scrutiny, time and time again. The locksmith industry is densely populated, and at any given time, you can find plenty of locksmiths in a local area willing to help you out. However, are they really there to help? Will the fact that you are in desperate need of Read more about 4 Facts that will blow your mind about Locksmiths[…]

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Why You Should Hire A Locksmith To Change Your Door Locks

Every current newspaper is loaded with articles about crime so it’s surprising homeowners often don’t use professional services to analyze their security needs. The most common practice in new home construction is to piecemeal security precautions. Owners often use one company to install an alarm system, another to hook up outdoor lighting and yet another Read more about Why You Should Hire A Locksmith To Change Your Door Locks[…]


Benefits Of Using A Mobile Locksmith Service

Most people never think about a lockout situation until they’re in the middle of a situation. Suddenly, you find yourself staring through your window at your car keys or wondering how you left your home keys in your room after you’ve walked out the door. This is the time when it’s good to be familiar Read more about Benefits Of Using A Mobile Locksmith Service[…]


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