All About Commercial Locksmith Services

New steel three bolt door lock after installation made by our Quickly locksmiths technicians

Johannesburg is basically heaven with respect to business, there’s nothing holding you down similar to a collection, inside and outside cool territories and different statistic as well as nearby throughout the entire year!

If there’s one thing business people and general directors know with extraordinary achievement comes mind-blowing commitment; while looking for the locksmith association who’s been blamed for guarding your business, there’s zero space for oversights… you have to work with the best business locksmith Johannesburg conveys to the table – AAA Aabcus Locksmith, we never compromise the three core elements each commercial locksmith services must hold dear:

Quality– Johannesburg associations are the most customary customers, and that infers strong trustworthy security and locksmith administration; AAA Aabacus Locksmith offers commercial service consistently. Our locksmiths are out and about guaranteed locksmiths, which offer their expert opinions. Each thing at our Sandton locksmith store is picked fastidiously and we vouch for every single one’s quality.

Price– a business is a business everything considered, and the things and organization must wind up being cost-honorable. We offer sensible pricing and personalised service for each business, according to their need and current project stage (we also have great experience with early construction security and locksmith, large complex, early design security advisement etc.) we’re so sure our expenses are sensible and moderate we offer free estimations at our Sandton locksmith store.

Prompt service– no need to explain, when a business is having an emergency it needs to be resolved quickly. We get it! and that’s why our locksmith works 24/7 and maintain a superior response time with every call, we come well equipped with our mobile locksmith units to offer any commercial locksmith services on the spot!

Our Solutions

Each business is exceptional, one size inconsistently fits all. That is the reason we put staggering emphasis on customized security settings to come as an indistinguishable unit with your business’ necessities, plan and condition and clearly give correct security response organizing the enveloping territories. We can construct personalized security systems using the strongest limited entry restrictions, security cameras, smart locks, business safes etc.

We were there throughout the early stages of construction, advising and planning master security systems for Johannesburg’s huge commercial centres and we’re still there 24/7 to offer support, emergency locksmith services, commercial locksmith services and security customized updates for all the major business centres in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg’s dynamic and distinctive business properties keep our work more fascinating than any other time in recent memory; AAA Aabacus Locksmith is the kind of commercial locksmith service you want by your side, keeping your business safe and sound with a range of cutting-edge security solutions at affordable prices. We’re not the kind of locksmith to install your system and walk away- that’s just not our style and that’s probably why the leading business centres rely on us when it come to their security.

High-security locks and security doors

Access control systems

Master key systems

Keyless entry systems

Emergency lockout service


Duplicate keys

Lock repair

Fleet vehicle key service


Mailbox keys

Gate keys

Dock and warehouse keys

On-site safes


We now offer a Collect and Deliver Service!

Give us a call, and let us know how we can assist with your lock and key challenge.

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